David is a committed, hard working, driven and innovative individual who dedicates himself to his teams, bringing out their best, and to his projects, and looks to use the most efficient and effective means to ensure goals are not only met but to strive to exceed them.

Zahra Alijah
Labour Councillor Fallowfield Ward ZahraAlijah.net

I had the pleasure of working with David on a number of community projects and am happy to attest to his highly proactive ethos, thorough knowledge of the issues surrounding the causes he supports and his warm and personable manner. I’m pleased to hear the projects he’s headed continue to go from strength to strength and look forward to seeing how they develop in the future.

Stephen Pratt
Office Volunteer Action for Sustainable Living

I endorse David for his unique ability to combine a visionary approach with a hands-on attitude. Best practices from business methodologies are being used by him to make things happen as a social entrepreneur. Great job so far – but I am sure he just started…

Julian Spoeri
Recruiter & Marketer The Local Veg Box

Dave preforms well as a leader because he is able to be empathetic, to understand the ideas and concerns of others whilst also being clear in what he thinksĀ isĀ the best course of action.

Jonathan Wren
Administrator The Local Veg Box

David’s passion, honesty and organisational skills to drive projects forward have been a pleasure to be part of and witness.

I have also worked with David in a professional capacity when he was offered the role as the office manager for AFSL. His management skills during the turbulent time of the office move were exceptional and made the process run smoothly.

In the last 5 years I have witnessed David grow and develop his environmental voice and strong project management skills. His methodical mind combined with his creative approach to engage different audiences is extremely valuable to any organisation.

Joanne Wilkes
Creative Director Creative Engagement

I endorse David for Planning & Organizing Skills, Business Process Improvement, Project Management, Social Media Marketing and Event Planning.

Gaby Porter
Board Member Action for Sustainable Living

I endorse David for Planning & Organizing Skills, Social Entrepreneurship and Project Management.

Amanda Woodvine
Founder & Director Eat Green UK