My Story

Hi, I’m David! I probably wasn’t much different from you growing up. I played computer games, watched TV, ate junk food and still do these things occasionally. I was a fairly ordinary British kid. School was never fun for me, but I got my head down, achieved a degree in computing and later a masters in business without many ideas of what to do with them.

Things changed in 2007. Catalysed by a few chance meetings and jolting experiences, I started to question what I was doing with my life and why I was doing what I was. I was realising that I had been creating a life based on other peoples’ values and expectations, influenced by my family, my education, the media and society generally. The life I ended up with felt hollow and I was being called toward greater authenticity.

The following several years were difficult – full of confusion and social anxiety. But thankfully this forced me to start making some serious life changes. I was coming into greater congruency and integrity. I gave up 14 years of IT training to pursue Purpose, standing in the face of the projected fears of those around me and discovered a more subtle nature to existence than I had previously acknowledged. I trained intensely in the martial arts, devoured materials around psychology and embraced my creativity for the first time since my early teens.

In this period, I founded the Sustainable Housing project and The Local Veg Box C.I.C, bringing my organisational background into service of a greater good. These grew into collaborative, social endeavors that helped many people in Manchester, UK. Then reaching the end of that initial period of growth I was hurled into another, more challenging one.

Following several years of having life’s harder lessons thrown at me, with my own shadows foremost among their causes, I became greatly humbled. I have learned deep acceptance for the pain of others, in reflection of my own suffering. I became aware of the beauty in all things and the power our perception has over our ability to manifest our greatness. This is an on-going (and never ending) journey, but I am well along the path by now, and having accessed some of my latent gifts, I have something exceptional to bring to those who are ready.

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