My Story

Hi, I’m David! I probably wasn’t much different from you growing up. I played computer games, watched TV, ate junk food and still do these things occasionally. I was a fairly ordinary British kid. School was never fun for me, but I got my head down, achieved a degree in computing and later a masters in business without many ideas of what to do with them.

Things changed in 2007. Catalysed by a few chance meetings and jolting experiences, I started to question what I was doing with my life and why I was doing what I was. I was realising that I had been creating a life based on other peoples’ values and expectations, influenced by my family, my education, the media and society generally. The life I ended up with felt hollow and I was being called toward greater authenticity.

The following several years were difficult – full of confusion and social anxiety. But thankfully this forced me to start making some serious life changes. I was coming into greater congruency and integrity. This period involved:

– Abandoning 14 years of IT training to pursue another career
– Dramatically re-evaluating my values and beliefs
– Regular meditation and lucid dreaming
– Training in counselling and therapy
– Embracing creativity, by producing electronic music
– Returning to the martial arts
– Founding a community experiment in urban sustainable living
– Working for an environmental charity
– Starting a social enterprise
– Finding mentors to guide me

I’m still working toward living a more authentic life, but the insights I’ve picked up along the way are of great value to me and to those I surround myself with. I persist in trying to make the changes that are necessary to create greater authenticity in my life, whilst ensuring I honour my more basic needs, remaining grounded in the human experience.

Read more about my story – here.


My mission

To be an example of a well-developed adult. One of the elders our society desperately needs. From that place, bring people together, and provide them with opportunities to become leaders in their own lives. Through the businesses I establish, the events I organise, and more to be decided.


I hope you find something in this website that will help you along your way.