Coaching & Mentoring

My coaching is one of deep commitment. I am that way inclined with everyone in my life and expect anyone who wishes to work with me to want the same. If you’re not ready to see yourself fully through our connection that will at times leave you feeling raw and vulnerable, whilst also reaching you deeply in transformation then my coaching isn’t for you.

I am looking to work with those whom are ready to allow their own greatness to emerge.

I will slice quickly through to core issues, to allow you to unveil paths you had not uncovered and stories that may not be in service to your highest vision.

My approach is direct and though it may be painful to reveal what you may be hiding behind, I commit to providing the support and acceptance necessary if you are ready to commit to doing the real work.

I invite you to reach this great potential whilst I assist you in embodying your vision. The journey we take will be unique to our connection and what I offer will be as unique as we are. I have many tools which will support the manifestation of your form.

At all times maintaining an awareness of combining my knowledge, skills and experience with a deeply insightful embodied wisdom.

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